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Expert Electrician Services in Tinahely

Welcome to Tinahely, a place where quality electrician services are a top priority. Located in the heart of Tinahely is one company that never compromises on ensuring that every job is done right the first time. Allow us to introduce you to JLK Electrical, your dedicated and reliable electrical specialist. When it comes to everything electricity-related, our skillful and seasoned electricians can handle it all, ensuring your home, office or industrial facility’s electrical system runs smoothly and efficiently. We understand that finding an electrician in Tinahely can be a daunting task, but with JLK Electrical, you can trust that you’re working with the very best. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service to our customers, from simple electrical repairs to complex installations. Choose JLK Electrical for all your electrician needs in Tinahely-so that you can experience the difference that services optimised for you truly make.

Why You Need to Hire Fully Qualified Electrician in Tinahely

When it comes to electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance, the benefits of hiring a fully qualified electrician like JLK Electrical in Tinahely, can’t be overstated. A fully qualified electrician from JLK Electrical not only has the vast knowledge and expertise required to handle any electrical system but also ensures the job is done right the first time. JLK Electrical in Tinahely is renowned for its track record of high-quality electrical services, thanks to our team of certified and experienced electricians. With an eye for detail, commitment to safety, and the use of the latest technology, we guarantee electrical solutions that are effective and efficient.

Electrical work can be complicated, risky, and time-consuming and that’s where JLK Electrical comes in. Our reputation as the most reliable and qualified electrician in Tinahely is grounded in our dedication to complete customer satisfaction. We ensure every task – be it residential, commercial, or industrial electrical work, is executed with precision and professionalism. Choosing JLK Electrical means opting for certified expert electricians who understand the intricacies of electrical work and adhere to the highest industry standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or business electrical needs are under the competent hands of highly trained professionals at JLK Electrical, Tinahely’s most reliable electrician.

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Emergency Electricians Tinahely

Need an Emergency Electrician in Tinahely? Choose JLK Electrical

Emergencies can occur at any time, and electrical problems are no exception. However, in Tinahely, you can easily manage such circumstances with the reliable assistance of JLK Electrical. As a leading provider of electrical services, we have built a strong reputation for being the most qualified Emergency Electricians in Tinahely. With our well-equipped team of experienced professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are ready to provide prompt, high-quality solutions round the clock to deal with any unexpected electrical issues.

At JLK Electrical, we understand the importance of speed, efficiency, and safety when handling electrical emergencies. This is why we offer 24/7 support to our clients, ensuring we’re always available when you need us most. Taking pride in offering swift response times and quality service, JLK Electrical is known as the most reliable and trusted Emergency Electrician in Tinahely. So remember, whether it’s a major electrical failure or just a minor fault, you are just a call away from the best assistance available in town. Trust JLK Electrical – your reliable partner for all your electrical needs.


Proud to be one of the most versatile and trustworthy electrical firms in Tinahely, JLK Electrical offers a wide range of services. Whether you need a Commercial Electrician in Dublin or emergency lighting services, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals has got you covered.

Variety of Offered Services

At JLK Electrical, we take pride in offering a comprehensive set of electrical services to fulfil the needs of every client. This includes:

1. Commercial Electrician Service: Perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes – we deliver on time and also within budget.

2. Periodic Inspections in Dublin: Regular check-ups to avoid unexpected electrical issues that may disrupt your life.

3. Quality & Pat Testing Services: Ensuring the safety of your electrical appliances and installations.

4. Emergency Lighting Services: Compliance with safety standards and provide peace of mind during power cuts.

5. Fire Alarm Systems: Installation and servicing of fire alarms for your safety and protection.

6. Industrial Electrical Service: Cater to the unique demands of industrial premises.

7. Domestic Electricians: Specialized home electrical services to ensure your house remains safe and efficient.

8. House Rewiring: Comprehensive rewiring solutions for modern homes and historical properties alike.

9. Home Electrical Repairs: From minor fixes to significant overhauls, we do it all.

10. Security Lighting: Illuminate your property to deter potential intruders and increase security.

Reach Us Today!

To learn more about our services and how we can help you, call us today at (086) 330-4998 or(01)281-0678 or fill in the Contact Form on our website. Don’t just take our word for it though, read some of our Testimonials and see what our customers have to say about our quality of work and customer service. At JLK Electrical in Tinahely, your satisfaction is our priority.


1. What common problems might suggest that I need a residential electrician?

Often, the issues such as often blowing fuses/breakers, flickering lights, burning smell or sparks from outlets or switches may suggest that you need a residential electrician. At JLK Electrical in Tinahely, our team of skilled and dedicated electricians is always ready to offer quick and effective solutions to all your electrical problems. Our reputation as the most qualified and reliable electricians in Tinahely is a testament to our high-quality services.

2. Can I perform electrical repairs or installations by myself?

DIY electrical work can be dangerous and may lead to bigger problems. It’s essential to call a professional electrician for any repair or installation. At JLK Electrical, we offer a broad range of electrical services which are performed by our highly skilled team, who are experienced in handling both small and large-scale electrical projects to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

3. How can I prevent electrical emergencies at my industrial facility?

Regular maintenance and checks are crucial for preventing unexpected and costly electrical emergencies. At JLK Electrical, we offer preventative maintenance and inspection services to ensure your industrial facility’s electrical system is running smoothly and efficiently. As the most qualified and reliable electricians in Tinahely, your safety is our top priority.

4. What should I do in case of an electrical emergency?

During an electrical emergency, your first step should be to disconnect any affected appliances or machinery, if safe to do so. Then, call us at JLK Electrical. We pride ourselves on responding swiftly to emergency calls, as we understand that urgent issues require urgent solutions. As emergency electricians in Tinahely, we are dedicated to providing rapid, effective solutions to all your electrical issues.

5. Why should I choose JLK Electrical for my residential or industrial electrical needs?

Choosing an electrician isn’t easy, but with JLK Electrical, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality services with top-notch customer service. Our team of professionals is not only capable of solving a wide spectrum of electrical issues but is also committed to ensuring you have the best, most stress-free experience possible. We, at JLK Electrical in Tinahely, strive to be not just the most qualified and reliable electricians but also the best in customer satisfaction.

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