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Fire Alarm Systems

Quality Fire Alarm Systems

Whatever the fire detection and alarm requirements on your premises may be, ensuring that all systems are properly created and efficiently installed is crucial to preserving high levels of safety.

A correctly set up and well kept fire alarm system will ensuer the early detection of any fire, giving individuals more time to get away and lowering damage to buildings and contents.

Industrial emergency alarm systems might consist of a smoke alarm panel, fire detectors such as smoke alarm and heat detectors, emergency alarm sounders, emergency alarm beacons and manual call points. Each detector and call point in the emergency alarm system is connected to the main fire alarm control panel. You can set fire alarm zones using the smoke alarm panel so in the event of fire you can rapidly see which zone is at threat.

At JLK Electrical we understand that fire defense and safety legislation can frequently appear frustrating which is why we provide a truly collaborative method. We will assist to equate the legislation so that as an owner, or property manager, you comprehend all elements of liability and risk.

Smoke detectors determine the amount of smoke within the detector chamber and can be the earliest signal of a fire.

Heat detectors work by monitoring the temperature level. If the temperature rises above a certain level then the alarm is triggered.

Keep your structure safe & up to code

The smoke alarm is activated as soon as the fire is discovered giving an audible warning of danger. They ought to be distributed evenly throughout the premises and be audible over background sound anywhere in the building.

JLK Electrical will help ensure that your facilities and residents are secured in the event of a fire which you fulfill your legal responsibilities by adhering to the current fire security policies. These include the Code of Practice for design, installation, commissioning and upkeep of smoke alarm systems in a commercial premises.

Manual alarm call points likewise need to be set up throughout the entire facilities at a minimum of 30m apart. Triggering a manual call point will set off emergency alarm and alert everyone in the structure to evacuate.

You can be guaranteed that JLK Electrical will fulfill all of the suitable standards and are separately examined. We have decades of experience in the provision of fire detection and alarm services and we provide a wide selection of services; from the style, supply and installation through to maintenance only agreements.

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All of our engineers are trained and certified along with the competence acquired from years of experience. We are therefore able to use fire detection and alarm systems to cover a wide variety of installations– from small domestic properties to big commercial/industrial applications.

Each installation can be separately catered for by our knowledgeable design team so please do not be reluctant to check any specific fire detection/alarm requirements.

We are happy to use a complete service from assessment through to application on different elements including:

  • Fire/smoke detection
  • Conventional/analogue addressable systems
  • Automatic opening vent systems (aov)
  • Remote alarm panels/signal monitoring
  • Very early smoke detection apparatus (v.e.s.d.a)
  • Domestic radio link systems
  • Plant/equipment shut downs
  • ‘red care’ dial out links for out of hours’ peace of mind
  • Quarterly/annual testing and maintenance of systems
  • Upgrade/modernisation of existing systems to current BS5839

Useful links:  National GuildConstruction Industry Register, Electrical Contractors Safety & Standards, Safe Electric.

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